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Tailored Talent Solutions

We've learned that each client journey is unique, and there is not one "cure all" prescription when it comes to attracting and recruiting talent for high-performing teams. We partner with our clients to design and deliver talent solutions tailored to their needs and challenges. 
After understanding your unique story, requirements, challenges, culture, and tech landscape, we will work together to design and activate the best fit solution. If the right solution falls outside of our capabilities, we probably know a trusted partner who can help. 

Typical engagement models:

- Search (Retained, Contingency, Containment/Hybrid)
- Contract Consulting (Staff Aug, S.O.W.)
- Project Based Solutions

Recent Successful Searches:
We partner with a diverse set of local and national clients across multiple industries, from early stage/startups to F100.

-Head of Digital (Sports Tech) 
-CTO (Supply-Chain Tech)
- Global CIO (Healthcare)
- Mobile Development Manager (Hospitality)
- Data Scientist (Data Analytics/Engineering SI)
Machine Learning Engineers (AI Startup)
Full Stack Software Engineers (AI Startup)
- DevOps Engineer (Supply-Chain Tech)
Data Engineers (Data Analytics Consulting
UX Designer(Supply-Chain Tech)
Gaming Software Engineers (AI Startup)
Computer Vision Scientist (AI Startup)
Application Support Manager (Sports Tech) 

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